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Water Heater Instant Quote

Interested in a new or replacement water heater? Get a quote in five minutes or less. Simply fill out our form, and we will provide you with an Instant Quote on a new water heater, including professional installation.

Estimated Cost $2202

Energy Type

Do you need a gas or electric water heater?

Did you know? The State of California is requiring all water heaters to be electric by 2030.

Estimated Cost $2202

What size water heater do you need?

Let’s make sure you are replacing like size with like size.

Estimated Cost $2202

How many full-sized bathrooms will the water heater supply?

Let’s double check that you are selecting the most appropriate water heater for your home size and lifestyle!

Estimated Cost $2202

Included Parts List

All of these parts are included in your price to assure a quality installation (Drip Pan, Earthquake Straps, Exhaust Venting, Sediment Trap, Installation Hardware, Gas Line, Water Shut Off, Gas Valve, Water Lines & Copper Work).

Estimated Cost $2202

Where will your water heater be located?

Home types help us determine the location of your water heater, which usually necessitates additional installation costs. For example, a second story location requires an extra set of hands to get it up the stairs, or special drain & venting requirements.

Estimated Cost $2202

Have you considered a Water Treatment System? (Because you should!)

By selecting is great add-on, you can have bottle quality out of every tap virtually free of contaminants, based on your water hardness.

Estimated Cost $2202

Emergency Automatic Shutoff

Has your home or the home of someone you know ever flooded due to a plumbing leak? We recommend leak detection technology with emergency automatic water shutoff to prevent this.

Smart leak detection systems learn your water usage habits and will alert you by voice, text and/or email if a possible issue is detected. The system will automatically shut off the water supply to avoid potentially costly water damages.

Estimated Cost $2202

Free Upgrade

Prevents damage to piping and allows for changes in water pressure. This free upgrade is exclusive to online quotes.

Estimated Cost $2202

Why do you need a pressure regulator?

Get peace of mind and protect your home appliances. High water pressure or unregulated pressure surges to your appliances can significantly reduce the longevity of your dishwasher, washing machine, and water heater. Installing a pressure regulator ensures that your water pressure is consistent.


Please Read Before Continuing

This Instant Quote is an estimate and is not final. It may include limited-time offers, rebates and incentives. To make this quote final, we must visit your home or business to verify what options are possible. Book now!

Energy Type
Selection: Natural Gas
Replacing what size?
Selection: 40 Gallon Tanked
Number of Full Sized Bathrooms
Selection: 1-2 bathrooms
Included Parts List
Selection: FREE
Water Heater Location
Selection: Garage
Water Treatment System
Selection: Dont'Need
Emergency Automatic Shutoff
Selection: Don't Add
Free Upgrade
Selection: (a $495 value)
Add a Pressure Regulator
Selection: Add



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